I have been stressing a little over this simple little blog.  Wondering what about it would make people want to hear about things that are important to me or why someone else would take the time to read what I write.  I was concerned that no one would find any value in what I wrote.  This was probably the biggest stressor.

So, I checked out some websites offering tools to help write reviews (too damn many if you ask me), read some reviews of other people (did they even read the book?), and decided that what truly mattered is that I wrote what was important to me.  That I did it honestly and without malice, and it came from the heart.

Corny?  Yeah, probably.  But I don’t mind.  This is suppose to be about me sharing the things that matter to me, right?  Drop me a note and let me know what you think. What gives you passion and makes you happy.  You never know what you might learn about yourself when you expierence things through others.  Happy Tuesday!  

  “When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy.’ They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.” 

― John Lennon




Silevethiel (The Vaelinel Trilogy, #1)

Author: Andi O’Connor
Series: The Vaelinel Trilogy Book 1
Release: Oct 24, 2013
Page count: 261 pgs
Book Shelf: ARC Review
Genre: Fantasy

The Gist:

Following her father’s murder, Princess Irewen Donríel is betrayed and left for dead in the forests of Mistwood. Rescued by the elf prince, Laegon Elendell, Irewen awakes an exile with no home, no country, and no people. But as the horrific memories of murder and betrayal return, she realizes the nightmare is only beginning.

The world of Vaelinel is failing—its fate bound to her in ways no one fully understands. A mysterious elven prophecy may provide her with some answers, but continuously hunted and fighting for her life, Irewen quickly learns that unearthing the truth will be more difficult than she ever imagined. Can she accept Laegon’s love and the friendship of the Wood Elves, or will she stand alone against the terrifying evil now threatening to destroy the entire world?

 My Take:

I enjoyed this book.  It could easily fit into so many categories: romance, adventure, mystery, and it would be difficult to say it is one or the other because the tale depends on each to make it work.  The pace is quick and one might think that things happen too fast for it to be believable.  But I think that adds to the story.  Instead of dwelling on something for too long, we are able to move ahead to what happens next.  Its not drawn out and boring.  O’Connor gives us snippets of important information in a timely manner that doesn’t disrupt the story.

I found the development of Princess Irewen interesting and was rooting for her.  I wanted to know what she discovered as she learned more about who she was  and whether she is the one the prophecy spoke of.  I look forward to what the future brings for her and the elves that have offered friendship and protection, and if the budding romance between her and Laegon grows.

I felt the book had a strong YA feel and could easily be read by young and old alike.  I would recommend.