To Read or Not to Read? Teasers are the Question!

More often than not, books are giving us a first glimpse at upcoming reads.  They may share a chapter or two from the next book in the series. Or, give a glimpse at a totally new project the author is working on.  My question is…do you read them?


What if the book you just finished is just so darn good you can’t help yourself?  It leaves you drooling for more and you just have to know.


Or there were just so many white-knuckle, nail biting moments that left you unfulfilled with a cliff hanger.

Do you just say, “I don’t care if the next book comes out in a year.  I plan on torturing myself by reading the teaser.  I need to know!”  Of course you end up left with more questions.  We have all done it. Then it turns into a year of hair pulling as we wait for the next book.



I for one refuse to succumb to the thrall of a teaser.  I don’t want to know what happens until I can inhale the complete book (hopefully not being left to wait for additional books to follow).  I avoid the spoiler threads and all things that might hint to what is waiting in store in the next book.  Of course, I do follow my favorite author pages trying not to scream…


Just one of those random thoughts today!  Make it a great one!


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