Double Feature!

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Today I am excited to bring you not one, but two exciting cover reveals from the fabulous R.K. Ryals. So, hold on to your seats and enjoy the view!
Cursed and
Possessed Double Cover Reveal and Giveaway!
Cursed (The Thorne Trilogy Book I)
by R.K.
Cover by
Eden Crane Designs
A grimoire. A witch. A Demon.Ellie Elizabeth Jacobs, often known as Monroe due to her fascination with
vintage attire and old movies, is an 18 year-old witch and a darned good one!
But there is also something very wrong with her. Demonic energy makes her
powers stronger, she has the ability to ward off Demons, and Lucifer wants her.Sometimes being bad is better. Or at least that’s how Luther “Thorne”
Craig feels. The hybrid Demon son of the cursed Cain and the Demon Lilith,
Luther is reluctantly sent to New Orleans, Louisiana by his brother, the hybrid
Demon ruler of the Outer Levels of Hell, to protect Monroe from Lucifer’s
searching Hellhounds.But what happens when things go wrong?In this riveting spin off from R.K. Ryals’ Redemption series, Monroe is faced
with an old grimoire, an ancient curse, and a journey to discover a family
secret that may surprise them all.
“Can I see that?” NeeCee asked suddenly, and I looked up
to find her standing over me, her hand outstretched, her gaze on the grimoire.
I narrowed my eyes.
NeeCee sighed. “I
think I know something that may help you.”
I felt myself start to
panic and tamped it down. The only thing worse than dust (I’m a slight neat
freak) was Bernice’s gift for inadvertently abusing magic.
“I don’t know— “
“Oh for God’s
sake!” NeeCee said irritably before snatching the book out of my hand.
I tried grabbing for
it and failed.
“NeeCee …”
I warned.
She ignored me,
dancing around different glass displays, her eyes on the book. She was
naturally clumsy, but inside a store she’d practically been born into, she had
the grace of a gazelle. It worked against me.
She paused abruptly,
twisting so that her stomach was against a display of dried herbs, her index
finger moving down a page. The display between us was too thick for me to see the
parchment clearly, and I started edging toward her, my heart beating fast.
“NeeCee …” I warned again, my teeth
She grinned. “Look! It’s a reversal spell. This
could help, you know. And it’s simple.”
She lifted a candle from a cabinet behind her and lit
it. It was black.
I blew the wick out.
“No!” I cried. “There is no way in hell
I am letting you perform anything on me. Understand?”
Bernice frowned, her forehead creased. “You really
have that little confidence in me?”
I could hear the hurt in her voice, and I felt a pang
of sympathy. Truly I did, but I wasn’t about to let it affect my judgment.
“I have plenty of
confidence in you, NeeCee, but these are old spells. They are unpredictable. Extremelyunpredictable.”
Bernice lit the candle
again and moved it behind her, her finger trailing the page. She turned, facing
“Quae mea tua sunt, tua mea sunt quid . . .” she
proceeded stubbornly, her chin raised, her eyes large and confident behind her
The words were Latin.
I recognized them instantly and cringed, jumping onto the display case, my blue
dress riding all the way up to my hip. At this point, I didn’t give a flip if a
customer came in right now and got an eye full of my black low-rise panties. I
just wanted the dead blasted grimoire.
“NeeCee, no!” I shouted, just as the black
candle behind her exploded, ebony wax falling onto the wooden surface around
I covered my face, but
even though the blast sounded loud inside the store, there was no collateral
damage. The only outwardly disturbing sign was a small, perfect wax circle made
of six black spots on the worn wood around the scarlet glass candleholder. I
winced. Bernice froze.
“NeeCee,” I whispered.
“Yeah?” she muttered.
I stared at the ruined
workstation as the grimoire fell to the floor at Bernice’s feet. “That
wasn’t a reversal spell.”
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Possessed (The Thorne Trilogy Book II)
by R.K.
Cover by
Eden Crane Designs

Expected Release – November, 2013

Calling a Demon forth wasn’t the wisest thing the
Ayer’s witches have ever done.  For
centuries, the Ayers have been slaves of the Demon Lilith, one Ayers witch
destined to do her will while another was sacrificed to the Hunters. But Monroe
Jacobs has changed the rules …
A witch from the Ayers’ line, Monroe’s powers have always been
connected to Demons and now she knows why. Once a slave to Lilith, she has
thrown off her blood ties to the Demon queen by calling on her son, the
hybrid-Demon, Luther. Now Monroe must discover what it means to be a witch
while fighting off demonic possession.
For Luther “Thorne” Craig, his attraction to the witch, Monroe,
isn’t just a complication, it’s a distraction. He’s always been happy with his
life, serving the denizens of Hell while living flamboyantly, but now he’s
declared war on his mother and Lilith won’t rest until she sees him dead.
Armed with her own book of shadows, Monroe is dragged into a civil
war between mother and son while Luther fights his demonic need to truly
possess her.
“You should cast spells skyclad,” he murmured.
A flush worked its way
up my neck, the image of me unclothed inside a circle stark in my head. I’d
never done a spell skyclad. Even my initiation had been done fully clothed.
I glared at him.
“You’re right. You are a monster.”
He chuckled. “Be
bad for me, witch. You might find you like it.”
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About The
R. K. Ryals
is a scatterbrained mother of three whose passion is reading whatever she can
get her hands on. She makes her home in Mississippi with her husband, three
daughters, a Shitzsu named Tinkerbell, and a coffeepot she couldn’t live
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